Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Simple baby shadow game

The child should find out the good shadow of the animal in the card on left side. If the child presses on a bad shadow card, then the pressed shadow card will be disappeared. If he presses on the right shadow card, then an image of congratulations will be displayed, presses then on the congratulation image to reinitialize the game.

The sample generated application for Android can be downloaded here childShadowGame-release.apk.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby piano sample

In this sample we will try to show you how to do a simple baby piano by using JM-Mobile Editor. The sample application generated for Android can be download here Bebepiano-release.apk

Friday, December 14, 2012

Form sample

If you want to edit a form in JM-Mobile Editor this is a good sample. This sample is enclosed within the JM-Mobile Editor.

A Sudoku game

This sample shows how to use the XML data. In particular it shows how to modify the XML data with the XNodeModifyAction. You should have a good knowledge of XPath to access to and to modify the XML data.


The variables provide the ways to keep and to modify the data and/or the states of the users/system. Using the variables will make the presentation of the content more dynamic, i.e., the content could be changed following the state/value of the variables.

There are two kinds of variable: System and User variables

XML Data

You can use the XML data to create your application. The XModel part allows declaring the XML data that will be used in your application.
Using XML data you can:
  • structure the data using in application: XML is the ideal tool to organize the using data in the project; well organizing the data makes the creation, the evolution and the management of the project easier.

How to use the Google map image

You can use the map from Google. To do that you just create an image object and set its source property to:,2.3509871&format=png32&zoom=14&size=480x640&key=(your Google Map Key)
You can get your Google Map Key from the site: