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JM-Mobile Editor is really simple to start. You have to just download JM-Mobile Editor, install it on your PC, then you could immediately start to create your mobile application for java-enable mobile phone, Android phone and iPhone.

There are the samples projects included with the editor, to access to these samples you have to just access the menu File -> Open Sample Project. We recommend that you should start by trying these sample projects.

Here is an user's guide in pdf format. This document could help you quickly understand all concepts of JM-Mobile Editor.

Android Application Exporting

From the version 1.3.34 JM-Mobile Editor allows exporting the project to the Android Applications (APK).

IMPORTANCE! the JM-Mobile Editor requires the Android SDK r15 or higher installed on your PC to allow to generate the Android applications (*.apk). For how to download and install the last Android SDK version, please visit the site web;

For playing the generated android application on a simulator, you should create and start an AVD (Android Virtual Device) by using the Android SDK and AVD Manager (type android in a cmd window). For more information please visit the site web Note that the AVD isn't powerful, some time it is very slow. So we strongly recommend to try the generated applications on real devices.

If you have an Android phone, you could connect your phone with your PC by USB, and activate the Debug USB option (Setting/Application/Development/Debug USB), the generated Android application will be directly installed/updated and then will be ran on your Android Phone.

The generated Android Applications (APK) could work on Android devices version 2.2.x and higher.

Export to COD application for BlackBerry

You should install BlackBerry JDE 6.0.0 or higher.
See for more information

Then specify the path to the root folder of the BlackBerry JDE istalled on your PC by using the menu Export->Set Blackerry JDE path...
ex.: <base_path_to>/Research In Motion/BlackBerry JDE 6.0.0

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